949 area code
Location: California (El Toro)
Country: USA

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Dennis Jagged - 08 Jul 2013
This was a call about saving on my insurance. Typical call - you get a recording as opposed to a live voice. There was nothing in the phone tree to opt out of their spamming. When I hit 1 to supposedly get a live person I get voice mail eerily reminiscent of the initial recording. Bleah I hate stuff like this.

ginnie - 08 Jun 2013
I was wondering where i got to know this woman during my holiday in California.I was told that she met me in a pub after i bought her a drink. I was so puzzled what she had told me and decide to call my friend to find out more about it. Finally, i realized that its actually quite embarrassing as i got to know her when i am a bit tipsy and did something out of my usual self.Luckily i manage to found her phone numbers by using this site and found a lovely lady who is my girlfriend now.Thanks for the assistance!!!!!!!

kala - 25 May 2013
Hey please do not call me to order a pizza. This is a residential place and not pizza hut or something. Think you have got the wrong number!!

bob - 06 May 2013
I had told this guy Dick that I am not selling my house but he keep pestering me........Please stop calling me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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